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Dealing with Difficult People


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Let’s face it, we all have difficult people in our lives. Some days it seems like they’re everywhere.

And the extent to which we can deal lovingly and effectively with those difficult people, has a huge bearing on our ability to enjoy our lives and our capacity to get things done.

So in this stunning, timely and relevant eBook, Berni Dymet lays out 6 powerful principles guaranteed to improve your most difficult relationships.

        Dealing with Difficult People

Each principle comes with wisdom that works, a real life case study and practical steps that you can take.

Download your FREE copy now … with our compliments … and be blessed.


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Michele Dominguez said:
Thank you for the encouraging words.
Maureen K said:
We need God's grace constantly to deal with difficult people
this page said:
I was suggested this website by my cousin. I'm not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble. You are incredible! Thanks!
Jacque Mathews said:
sharn white said:
Bernie your ebooks are marvelous and I also put you on audio when im busy, ie in the kitchen. last sunday I needed our lord Jesus' time so I invited him to sit and talk... and talk I did =) I didn't see him but he was their sharing the sofa, and I expressed my troubles and he told me to get the bible and go to Ephesians 1;9-18. Who ever reads this... please go to the bible and read it....oh how blessed we are. I became very tearful with over whelming awesomeness. My life has a new perspective to carry on and fight the good fight with truth, and when people use us and wrongfully vindicate us we are to rise up above it with hope... that is our saviour. It is not easy but.. LOOK for Jesus in that place, he is possibly showing you how to become steadier in your life walk and it may be very suttle, so please look and look... for our Jesus WILL be there amoungst it.. IT IS A PROMISE and yes you are good enough, you are worthy...Know it to be so and keep on with the good fight of truth.. luv to you all shalom.... sharn.
Janice Haywood said:
Dear Bernie, this book is right on time. I'm having a family crisis. My mother died last week. Up until 2 yrs ago, my daughter and I were joint POA. On February 27 my brother and cousin brought in a already notorized POA and had her to sign it. My daughter and I already had a policy and arrangements for mama's burial. The information was given to my brother who did not keep up the payments. Its been a week and my mother has not been buried. My cousin is very controlling and manipulative. My mothers care was terrible. In 16 mos she went from walking and being a little lucid since she had Alzheimer's to an overweight woman in a wheelchair that was in and out of the hospital. My brother is responsible. I'm on disability. Ergo the insurance policy. Please pray for my family. My mother was a woman with dignity to receive very poor care and dont know how many hours mama was deceased before her untrained staff discovered mother has me frustrated and angry. My cousin says she'll pay for it but she's trying to do it cheap. I want my parents together. Please pray for us that I keep a guard over my mouth, be obedient to His Will cuz I'm ready to say words that I'll be ashamed for later. God bless you and your ministry! Be blessed! Sincerely, Janice
Berni Dymet said:
A very tough situation indeed Janice. May the wisdom of God be upon you and may the power of God be at work to change the things that you cannot. In Jesus' name. Amen.
Janice Haywood said:
I really enjoy the sermons. I listen to them at bedtime. I have a cousin that has been very hateful and mean. Not just to me. To the whole family. She's caused so much trouble that it's torn our family apart. Its a long story but right now she has my mother in her rundown senior home. I've been angry, frustrated, resentful and just wanted to rip her apart. She's manipulates and she's Narcissistic. Your sermons on anger,revenge has really helped me. I have prayed to God fervently a out this situation. So with your sermons and surrendering to God and let Him handle it. I can now at least talk to my mother on the phone without her interfering or cursing me out sometime later in the day. Please pray especially for my cousin and my spineless brother. Please pray for my mother. God bless you and your ministry. Be Blessed, Janice Haywood
How relevant is your church? | church today said:
[…] His radio messages are heard by tens of millions of listeners around the globe each week. Click here for a free copy of his latest eBook “Dealing with Difficult […]
Veronica said:
So very very helpful. And very well written, easy to understand and straight to the point. I look forward to more!
Anne Bevan said:
Thank you for making this resource available. I have just read it for my employer, and summarised it's contents (for him) in order to get the word out. It is easy to read, has great examples, and so makes sense! This is the first time I have come across 'practical' Christianity, and I am very thankful for it. Blessings to you and the team. Thanks again :)
Carole McIntosh said:
Bernie I am thinking that we do not accept the things that God tells us to do because we immmersed in the world view. People who break the law today have thier crime made less, or they are forgiven and let out of goal early. Everything is excused I fear that we do not listen to Gods voice because of the above world view. Forgiveness is commanded, to not obey is dangerous and has huge repercussions in our daily life
Joanne Claire Newell said:
Berni Dymet said:
Cecilia, It's a tough and difficult subject - when should I walk away. I plan on doing a series on family breakdown, because I know it is a reality. If you read the book "Dealing with Difficult People" you'll discover that that's exactly what I say. And whilst there are all too many cases of abuse that demand separation, my concern is that in the majority of cases, we are far too disposable in our attitudes to marriage and family. What I know is this. My sin is totally incompatible with the perfect love of God. He had every justification to throw His hands up in the air and leave me to the destructive path that I had chosen. Instead, He deliberately sent His Son to die for me. It's that sort of love that is too rare in our understanding of family today. Berni
Cecilia said:
Hey Bernie, I was at home listening to your segment on Family and was really concerned at what you are preaching. Not everyone comes from a Family that can be mended. i come from a family of witch craft insest abuse, physical and emotional abuse. Many times have I tried to forgive them and keep letting them into my life. All I got was chaos only walking away and forgiving them afar could i move on with my life. Sometimes bernie the best thing you could ever do is break the cycle for the next generation and walk away. God puts people into your lives that are like family whether they r blood or not. God separates family for a reason. Sometimes you must understand not everyone fits in to the category of normality understanding Family is understanding the world. The struggles we face with them are lessons that teach us to be strong to be courageous to be people of integrity that sometimes letting go is finding something deeper within. It's funny how you teach about family but jesus says lose your family and I will give you everything. Instead letting family be the glue to this world let God be your your glue to this world then you will truly understand Family.
Berni Dymet said:
Scott may the Lord bring you great comfort, wisdom and endurance as you travel through this difficult time. I know how hard it is in that dark place, so will be praying for you. Remember He is in that place with you and He will show up just at the right time. No matter what the outcome with your marriage is, He has a future planned for you. Your brother in Christ, Berni
scott said:
Hi Bernie, Me and my family are going through the hardest time of my life. We have been married for 15yrs and in the past 2.5 moths have been separated. We have 4 children from 4 to 14 Y.O. Your radio programs have been holding me together. Thankyou for your words Bernie. If I did not have children and God said it wasn't a sin, I would have blown my head off by now. The truths and encouraging words from you are my inspiration. I work alone all day in a welding work shop. Please pray that my wife Natalie turns back to God and casts out all the thoughts and imaginations that enter hear mind, and that she of her own will, wants to be all God has for her, and her family. Thankyou. Bernie. Faithfully, screwed up Scott.

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