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Pray for God to do Great + Mighty Things

January Prayer Focus

With a new year comes a new beginning. And with all that we are, here at Christianityworks, we believe that the Lord is going to do great and mighty things this year – in and through you, and in and through the ministry of Christianityworks as together we share the many-splendoured love of God in Jesus Christ with millions around the globe each week. 

Which is why reaching the New Beginnings Appeal goal by January 31st is so vitally important. This is one of only two major appeals that the ministry holds each year and we know that with your prayer support this month, God will do great and mighty things in the lives of those whom we serve

So thank you for praying with us. Here are some specific prayer points for you to bring before the Lord.

      • Pray for an incredible outpouring of generosity to help meet the New Beginnings Appeal need by January 31st, so that Christianityworks will be on a firm financial footing from the outset of 2023, to see countless lives touched and transformed by the Gospel of Christ. 
      • Pray for the many friends and supporters of Christianityworks who are struggling at the moment – so many would like to give but aren’t in a position to do so. May the Lord bless them, still their hearts with His peace and meet their every need through his generous provision.
      • Pray especially for the Lord our God to do great and mighty things this year both through your life and through the ministry of Christianityworks, as together we share the love of Christ, the wisdom of God and the truth of the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit.
      • Give thanks for the many radio, television and digital media networks who partner with Christianityworks in proclaiming Christ to the nations. May the Lord protect them and provide for them, and encourage those broadcasters in areas where simply speaking of Christ can put them in danger. 
      • Pray for the mighty team of translators who take the Bible teaching messages produced by Berni Dymet and translate them into the mother-tongue of people across so many nations. May the Spirit encourage and inspire them, may the hand of God protect them, and may their labours bear fruit in many lives, families and communities.
      • Pray for the staff of Christianityworks who go above and beyond each day, not just to produce the many Bible teaching messages that go forth each year, but to pray, to love and to care for the many people who respond to what they’ve heard and received into their hearts.
      • Ask for the Lord to bless our web developer Mark Parnell and his team at SparkWeb who have for many years worked tirelessly behind the scenes to help Christianityworks make innovative use of technology to proclaim Christ to the nations.

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